Our Motto -
no formulas, no recipes.

We're pretty organic. 

What's on display or for sale here  will vary from season to season, even week to week. 

So check back often!

Got Something Special In Mind?

We also build:

Bat Houses, Fairy Houses,

Planters, Mailboxes, Wishing Wells, Windmills, Lighthouses,

Book Bins, and, um, More.

(pics coming soon)

Just let us know what you're looking for!

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* About Our Company...

Our own "My Birdhouse Guy", Mike R. started making birdhouses in 2016, and just never stopped.

Inspired by his vision, he's now surrounded by a small, rabidly-dedicated collective of artists and craftspeople, who unite their powers to fight crime, vanquish evil, and make the finest cedar products possible!  For the birds! 

Three More Things

          you should know about Little Layla's...

"I started out making a birdhouse for my granddaughter Layla.  It was terrible.  So I made another one and that one was terrible.  So then I bought a little table saw, and made the third one, and that was only half-bad.  So I made a few more, and they got a little bit better.  Then I made about ten.  I put em out in front of my son's house, and they all sold in one day!  So then I did it again.  And they all sold in one day again!  And that's how it all started." *

Mike's Story...